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´╗┐Global Warming and the Sustainable Energy Development Program

from: As fossil fuels continue to sky rocket in price, so does the Sustainable Energy Development Program need to educate people about global warming. The Sustainable Energy Development Program introduces biomass, solar, wind, and geothermal forms of energies to help combat the damage done to our planet through the use of fossil fuels.

Throughout history since the end of the ice age our plant has remained a fairly constant temperature until the mid 20th century when the earth started warming up considerably more in comparison to years past. Now we can see alarming evidence of global warming as the glaciers are melting. As temperatures rise glaciers that have been around for millions of years are now losing surface area faster than the ice can be replaced. As more people become educated by the Sustainable Energy Development Program, some are switching to other forms of energy to produce heat and electricity. Every person that gets on board with this program's train of thought is doing their part to preserve the ecology of the earth.
Everywhere in the world you will find a Sustainable Energy Development Program in place. E8, created in the wake of the Rio Summit in 1992 is a not for profit organization composed of 10 electric companies from the G-8 countries, which include the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, UK, Japan and Russia. E8, being part of the Sustainable Energy Development Program, is helping break through bureaucracies to produce results in the preservation of the earth and its natural resources.
Because global warming is real, the Sustainable Energy Development Program, is working hard to stop the damage that has already been done to the earth. One only needs to turn on the news to hear how global warming has caused havoc; the tropical rain forests are beginning to vanish, marine fisheries that were once thriving are now becoming depleted. The goal of the Sustainable Energy Development Program is to reverse or reduce the damage caused by global warming. As greenhouse gases increase it causes the forests to decrease in size. Some species of animals that were thriving are now nearly extinct. The International Sustainable Energy Development Programnegotiates with over 150 nations to try to motivate the bureaucracies to wrap their minds around this real problem of global warming. Little by little changes are being made to try and undo the damage that has already been done, thanks to the Sustainable Energy Development Program.
The Sustainable Energy Development Program has helped to educate people on issues of using renewable energy in the place of fossil fuels, and by doing so they are protecting the earth's natural and environmental resources. If you were to take a poll, you would still find people that are not convinced that there is such a thing as global warming, but thankfully, as they are getting educated they learn the only way to take care of our planet is to make significant changes.

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