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´╗┐Global Sustainable Development Resolution in Relation to Outsourcing


Before the Global Sustainable Development Resolution, the majority of the people in America and around the world have suffered from a falling global economy. By the time the 1990s ended the global economy fell by at least 58 percent. The global economy was in crisis and the majority of citizens were thrown into abject poverty. The impact of global capitalism for the people of the United States and countries around the world has been profound. Unemployment has risen over the last 25 years not only in the United States, but globally. Since the Global Sustainable Development Resolution, outsourcing a certain amount of work to other countries has helped the economy of developing countries.
As inflation increased the value of the dollar decreased; companies either went out of business or had to downsize, causing more people to be out of work. Because of the disastrous effects of unregulated capitalism around the world, the US economy has suffered greatly, and there became a need for change. As a result, the Global Sustainable Development Resolutionwas drafted to make changes in the economy based on the rights granted to people for equality as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human rights and Declaration of Independence.
Developing countries around the world are now having a chance to catch up financially to the more affluent countries around the world. The Global Sustainable Development Resolution is responsible for bringing employment through outsourcing to developing countries such as India and Africa. You can see the effects of the Global Sustainable Development Resolution at work when you pick up the phone to talk to someone in customer service. More than likely you are speaking to someone in another country. The customer service representatives are trained to take your calls.
Many computers and electronics are manufactured in developing countries. The people of these developing countries are earning a decent wage, yet the products are produced cheaper than they can be in the United States. The benefits induced by the Global Sustainable Development Resolutionare that people in poorer countries have an opportunity to support their families adequately, and add to their country's economy. At the same time Americans can shop for computers, I-pods, cameras and other electronics and purchase them fairly inexpensively.
Because of the Global Sustainable Development Resolution, outsourcing is attempting to balance the deficit in global jobs. While the US and other countries outsource work to other countries they also need to be fair to their own citizens, so that they don't end up on the unemployment lines due to outsourcing. The Global Sustainable Development Resolution is trying very hard to fix the problem of global unemployment.