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What Is Renewable Energy?


What is renewable energy and how does it affect the future of the earth. No doubt you have heard how important conserving natural resources are. With modern technology advancing rapidly the depletion of natural resources has started to decrease in an alarming rate. If something is not done to counteract this problem soon the future generations will be living in a world much different than the one we are in now.

So what is Renewable energy? It is the answer to the ever growing problem of using up all the nonrenewable resources in the world. It is a way to conserve natural resources while still having the energy needed for today’s society. Every home and business that uses an alternative energy source is helping to create a better tomorrow.

What is Renewable energy? It is energy that is generated form resources such as the wind, water and sunlight. The sun shines, the wind blows and water continues to flow so there will always be renewable energy available to use for power if these resources are taken seriously today. So when the question arises what is renewable energy, several answers can be given?

There are some that criticize the use of renewable energy. They say that the tools used to provide some types of energy are ugly and will decrease the value of the property around it. Normally, they are referring to the large wind turbines. In fact, these are not even permitted in many areas for this reason.

They also say that wind, water and solar power are irregular. For example, when it’s raining the power created by solar power will be interrupted. The same is true when the wind is not blowing, there will be no energy created. As of this time there is no way to generate and store enough power for everyone to have electricity when it’s cloudy or when the wind isn’t blowing.

However, even though this is true, when used in conjunction with the power sources already in use it can greatly save on the natural resources without interruptions. With time and more research there may be better ways to harness and store more of the energy that is created by the renewable energy sources and ways to reduce these problems. So what is Renewable Energy? In a way it can be described as the future of the world and a means to protect the welfare of generations to come. Renewable energy is a powerful, essential tool in helping to save the environment. That is what makes it so important to anyone that is involved with it.