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´╗┐Technology of Green Power is in Every Market


Americans and people from everywhere around the world are demanding change; they are tired of the high cost of everything from gasoline to food. We the people are looking for solutions that will keep a dollar or two in our pockets, while still being environmentally friendly. The technology of green power coming to every community and business. If you pay attention you will see people in your own neighborhoods installing solar panels.

Food costs so much now due to the price of gasoline and diesel going up. Many people are employing the technology of green power by growing their own vegetables to eat and freeze any excess for later consumption. Many people have home grown vegetables all year long. Instead of everyone having their own garden, many people of the neighborhood ban together to make a very large garden and everyone takes their turn to tending to it. Everyone reaps the benefits of having a community garden.

To properly feed a family of 4 it can cost nearly $600 a month. Meats are some of the most expensive grocery items. Some people are getting fed up with paying such high prices that they are looking for other ways to feed their families. The technology of green power comes to the mind of every individual at some point. Some people actually hunt for their meat now, rather than paying the prices at the grocery store. The technology of green power has developed hunting equipment to make a fast and clean kill. Licensed deer hunters often hunt together and then either process the meat themselves or pay to have it processed.

Besides hunting, whole communities employ the concept of the technology of green power by joining together with people who own family farms to raise animals for meat. Many people form a sort of co-op to raise chickens for meat and eggs, and raise rabbits for food. Some people have started raising cattle. They may have just a few or many cows that are birthing calves. There is income provided in raising cattle and also there is food waiting on the hoof. The technology of green power is implemented in family farming because cattle, chickens and other farm animals are raised in the open, and grown organically. The food animals grown on family farms are much healthier to eat than the food animals raised in factory farms.

We have a choice to choose from the technology of green power when purchasing an automobile. There are many hybrid vehicles available that can get more than 40 miles per gallon. There are electric cars out now that run on hydrogen fuel cells, which get 300 miles per tank of hydrogen. The price tags are high on these vehicles at present, but the savings on gasoline can be a good reason to change to this form of technology of green power. The technology of green power is prevailing in every market that touches human lives. We now have a choice to live with a free choice to help keep our environment and ourselves healthy, while keeping a little cash flow for ourselves.