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The importance of energy efficiency can no longer be denied. As with energy conservation in the past, energy efficiency has become quite popular. However, unlike energy conservation, energy efficiency is easier to regulate and it is something that is easier to implement in your daily life. You are not giving up comforts or having to sacrifice in any way. You are simply changing the technology that you use.

The importance of energy efficiency reaches into many areas of our life. It is important for a variety of reasons with the three main reasons being reduction of pollutants in the environment, less reliance on fossil fuels and saving money on energy costs.

The Concern Over Global Warming

Global warming is starting to really make its mark. Unreliable weather patterns and melting in the coldest parts of the world are just two examples of how global warming is affecting the world. It will only get worse.

Global warming is directly related to pollution. Pollution comes from vehicles, the production of energy, appliances and businesses. Almost anything that uses energy produces pollution. All of the toxins and emissions go into the atmosphere and causes global warming.

Energy efficiency means less energy use and therefore fewer pollutants released into the atmosphere.

Reduction of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are the main source of energy in this country. Fossil fuels include oil and coal. These fuel types are non renewable which means more can not be made and once they are gone that is it. The fossil fuel supply is rapidly depleting. Usage of fossil fuels is at an all time high and the prices for energy prove that.

As our need for fossil fuels grow and the supply decreases the costs will only go higher. The importance of energy efficiency has never been more clear. It is through energy efficiency that the reliance on fossil fuels can be lessened and therefore they can be conserved.

Rising Energy Costs

It is no secret that energy costs have been rising and no end is in sight. The rising costs of gasoline and other energy is due to many factors, but one of the main reasons is the demand is high and the supply is limited. Raising costs is a way for the company to make consumers more aware. You likely pay more attention to turning off lights at home than ever before because you do not want a high energy bill.

Through energy efficiency you can keep your energy costs low and save yourself a lot of money. This is another example of the importance of energy efficiency.