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Causes of Climate Change Are Both Natural and Artificially Induced


The view of the Earth from outer space is spectacular. Surrounding the planet though not seen on Earth is a thin ring of gas, very visible in the great beyond. This very ring of gas is what helps sustain all organisms on our great planet. This sphere of gas has an important function in the regulation of the sun’s ultra violet rays entering and leaving the planet as heat and energy. It is this very ring of gas that has been implicated in the research on the causes of climate change.

The ongoing debates about the causes of climate change can be divided into two camps, those who believe the Earth was designed to go through natural cycles of climate change, from cooler to warmer and back again and those who believe that the causes of climate change are a direct result of humans infusing a combination of gases within our atmosphere. These gases are known as greenhouse gases are believed to artificially heat up the Earth’s atmosphere.

We all know from our high school science courses that the Sun is a burning star. It is the heat and energy that it gives off that is so vital to warm up the planet Earth. What also is normal is that about one third of that heat and energy will return back into space to essentially keep the planet from burning up.

Many scientists believe that greenhouse gases prevent this natural occurrence from happening. Since the Industrial Revolution, men have been creating sooty factories and large industries, producing machinery, and finding uses for coal, oil, and gas that exceed anything that has ever come before it. Mass goods, products, and new technology govern our times and our way of life. All of these products, release fossil fuel gases into the atmosphere, the most infamous being carbon dioxide gas emission. However there are other gases such as methane gas, mainly released into the air from landfills that also add to the problem. When garbage is burned, methane gas is released during the process. The Nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons that we use in such basic things as agriculture or as coolants for our refrigerators are also at the top of the list of greenhouse gases contributing to the causes of climate change.

What these greenhouse gases actually do to prevent the Earth from going through natural cycles of warming and cooling is that they absorb much of the heat that comes from the sun and prevent the portion that is designed to return to outer space from leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. This buildup of gas blankets the Earth keeping it hot. Scientists have already seen how the Earth’s climate has gotten warmer since the widespread use of greenhouse gases and have linked these gases to the causes of climate change.